The new feature Master Properties option in After Effects allows you to create various versions of a composition without duplicating and changing a plethora of properties each time. You can now simply nest your master composition to create various iterations and then push or pull desired properties from the master. Master Properties show up as keyframeable attributes in the parented layer, paving the way for an entirely new workflow.

Let me show you how you can use these new Master Properties.

1. Isolate your desired properties

Adobe After Effects

First, you’ll want to select which properties you would like to edit. The Essential Graphics panel provides users with a heads-up display of the properties which they specify. Be sure to name your motion graphics template and select the composition. To add new properties, simply drag and drop each one from the Timeline into the Essential Graphics panel. The latest release of Adobe After Effects supports a large number of properties, but not all of them. To see which are available, press the Solo Supported Properties button.

2. Nest your master composition

Adobe After Effects

After you have your desired properties highlighted in the Essential Graphics panel, the next step is to nest your composition. Once nested, you’ll notice a Master Properties drop-down menu in the Timeline panel of your parent comp. Not only are all of your properties here, but now they are all keyframeable. They also have a few new symbols next to them that might look unfamiliar. These are the Push and Pull options.

3. Edit, Push and Pull

Adobe After Effects

The Push and Pull buttons are where the magic of the new workflow really resides. Once you edit one of the Master Properties in the parent composition, you have two options. You can apply those changes back to the master composition with Push to Master Comp, or you can revert the property back to the original with Pull from Master Comp. This opens up a number of options, giving you the versatility to create numerous versions and edit individual properties without modifying multiple layers.

Check out all of the new features in Adobe After Effects in the video below.