It was just a few months ago when we were excited to get to spend a little time with a then-new Fiilex light, the Q8.  That unit offered exceptional spot ability, with a crazy amount of focus and the Fiilex signature lightweight fresnel creating a light that is punchy in a way you don't often see in LED.  Just a few short months later, Fiilex has rolled out another host of upgrades to another of their mainstay heads with the newly refreshed Matrix lights, the Matrix II Tunable White and RGB.

Fiilex's First RGB

This being the first RGB unit from Fiilex is the obvious headline feature of this release. While RGB was barely a whisper in the LED universe a few short years ago, it's starting to become increasingly common for many manufacturers to have at least one RGB unit in their stable, and now Fiilex has joined the party with the Matrix II RGB. With full DMX or local hue, saturation and intensity control, along with a traditional bi-color mode for matching lights along the normal kelvin spectrum, the RGB offers a tremendous amount of control in dialing in the color of your lighting.

Matrix2rgb_topimg_02Credit: Fiilex

The Tunable White

The tunable white unit shouldn't be forgotten in light of the RGB. Yes, RGB is exciting, but it's also a feature you might not constantly put into use. We've discovered that for common interview setups we rarely switched our RGB units out of plain old daylight, and have since gone back to relying on bi-color lights for key and fill, and then relying on the RGB unit to put a little bit of a contrasting color in the backlight for some spice. RGB units are definitely fun, but bi-color has a lot of life left in it, and since the unit costs $500 less than the RGB it could make sense, especially if you are considering outfitting a large studio or package where the cost difference might add up to quite a bit.

Matrix2rgb_topimg_06Credit: Fiilex

Light Construction

Both units feature the world class construction Fiilex is known for. With a durable build, rubber bumpers, and a polycarbonate fresnel lens, the Matrix II is clearly designed for a rough and tumble life both on the truck and on set. It comes with a power transformer with a pin designed to sit in a mafer clamp, which is a considerate design choice for keeping your gear organized on set.

The unit pulls standard 48V power over 3 pin XLR, so can be plugged into a common four-battery lunchbox-style unit for powering in the field. Fiilex also created its own speed ring with adjustable tension for working with soft bags. The speed ring should be compatible with many units from popular manufacturers such as Chimera. The company even developed a bag specifically for the Matrix II with DoP choice.

Matrix2_topimg_05Credit: Fiilex

The Matrix II is available now at $2495 for tunable white and $2995 for RGB. Fiilex offers several other options for continuous lighting available as well.


  • Full RGBW Control
  • Custom multi-wavelength LED groups with extensive calibration deliver rich, bright color
  • Smooth dimming to 0% without flicker
  • RDM/DMX512
  • 5V/1A USB powers wireless DMX
  • IP-24 weather resistant
  • XLR power input compatible with 48V battery power
  • Unique Quad-Fresnel accessory for increased punch
  • Future-proof: Ability to upgrade firmware in the field
  • Compatible with industry-standard softboxes and octabanks via speed ring accessory
  • Very lightweight (9.7 lbs) vs. comparable RGB fixtures
  • Extreme durability with high-grade aluminum housing and ruggedized exterior
  • Single light kit falls within standard airline checked bag weight limits 


Screen_shot_2018-05-21_at_12Credit: Fiilex