The latest updates to Creative Cloud last month introduced some new exciting features in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Audition and more. If you work in Premiere Pro daily and you’ve missed it, Jason Boone has a great video overview of new features in Adobe’s editing software.

But there is one update that gets less attention despite the potential it has. It is the new place to give feedback to Adobe: UserVoice. It replaces former Bug Report and Wish List forms. There is UserVoice for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and a few more. The best part? You can vote for and support features you would like to see in the future or even start a new thread. It’s like voting on Reddit.

In this video, I discuss that forum and try to predict new features for Premiere Pro 2019 release.

Here are my ideas and predictions for improvements in the next release. What are yours?

1. Luminance/Saturation Curve

As I said in my Lumetri Color tutorial, Luminance/Saturation Curve (like the one you can find in DaVinci Resolve) lets you, for example, desaturate shadows very easily. It would be a great add-on to this effect. 

luminance-saturation curve in resolve

2. Match Color Improvements

The new Match Color feature is great but I think it’s still in a beta version. If Adobe is serious (and it is) about its color grading tools, the company needs to implement something like Stills in DaVinci Resolve and better ways to copy grades between shots. That's just the necessary step.

3. Image replace in Motion Graphics

Motion Graphic Templates are great. I fell in love with that feature as soon as it was introduced in CC 2017. But I’m sure we can expect more improvements here. The UX design could still improve and the ability to change graphics in the animation in Premiere Pro would be, IMO, the best possible update to Motion Graphic Templates.

motion graphics templates edit

​​4. Team Projects

Team Projects are still pretty new feature for team and enterprise members and there are plenty of areas for improvement. Probably Adobe can look at video collaboration tools like and implement some of the features inside the software to make collaboration and remote editing easier and more efficient.

5. Live timeline

The live timeline means that you can edit during the playback. It’s the feature that Avid has recently introduced at NAB and I think that it will speed up the workflow to the point where it’s inevitable that Adobe will make that move as well.

6. Group effects

If we want to apply an effect to a bunch of clips grouped together, Premiere Pro doesn't have an efficient way to do it. I expect some kind of group shared effects to be introduced in the 2019 release. It would certainly be very useful.

7. ProRes RAW support

Support for ProRes RAW has to exist at this point. Actually, this is the one that probably will be implemented in Premiere Pro even before 2019 release. With Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K coming and cameras that will follow, it’s inevitable.

Luminance/Saturation curve

The predictions in this article are based on the knowledge of the industry but, to be honest, I’m probably half wrong. In addition to what I wrote above, I also suspect we’ll see further Premiere Pro - Audition integrations in Creative Cloud 2019 as well as some upgrades to VR editing. I did not base my assumptions on the UserVoice forum, although as you can see above, I’ve started a thread about Luminance/Saturation curve there (and if you agree, chime in!) I also encourage you to go to this forum and vote on the features that are most important to you. Some really great proposition for Adobe out there. 

What would you like to see in the next version of Premiere Pro? Are you going to recommend anything in the UserVoice forum? Let us know in the comments.