While the ninth annual VidCon may have concluded this past weekend, the immensely influential California convention devoted to all things online video is making sure its presence is felt 52-weeks-a-year. In an altruistic move signaling an effort to nurture the content that its very namesake benefits from, VidCon and its co-founder Hank Green are offering a $2,000 grant to a different video creator each week for the next year (that amounts to 52 video creators getting a cumulative total of $104,000). 

Named the VidCon Creator Grant Program, the open call for submissions is, well, now open. Read on to see if you're eligible. 

While the encouraging of creators of all kinds may sound like a vague description—you could be a v-logger, a makeup tutorial guru, a filmmaker specializing in comedy shorts— that may ultimately be the point. If you craft work exclusively for internet distribution, VidCon is interested. If you're a resident of the United States who is currently creating at least two online videos a month (for at least the past six months) and have less than 150,000 views consistently, you're eligible to apply. 

Citing the increasing realities of daily life (day jobs, nonexistent funds, lack of time) that often come into play and distract from the artistically-driven work you really wish you could focus on, VidCon's hope for the grant is that it can alleviate some of that burden.

Wondering what you will be required to use the money on if you're chosen as a lucky recipient? That's entirely up to you. As the FAQs reveal, "[you can use the $2,000] however you want. If this is just going to help you make rent, that's fine with us. If you want to get a new camera? Go for it. New lights? A drone? Hiring an editor for a big project? Yes! If you buy a bunch of lottery tickets with it, well, that would be disappointing, but we can't stop you." NFS note: please don't do that!

If you're eligible to apply, you can do so now, and to fill out the brief application, please click here. Good luck

For more information on the VidCon Creator Grant Program, click here