Do you own a RED camera? Think you got any good shots in the past couple of years? If your answer is yes, then this opportunity may be for you.

Pond5 is one of the bigger stock video libraries you can find online these days, and it often comes out with cool initiatives for creators to take advantage of. 

The company most recently announced that it would be accepting submissions to start a collection of aerial footage shot exclusively on DJI drones. The purpose was to give sellers a chance to immediately have their footage filtered into a place with other videos shot with gear of a certain quality.

The company will now be taking this idea to the next level by implementing a new program to create a collection of 8K, 6K, 5K, & 4K footage shot exclusively on RED cameras. Featured work will receive global promotion and be eligible for free footage-preparation services from Pond5. Both previously shot work and new footage will be considered for the collection, as long as you fully own the copyright. Maybe you’ve got some cool, unused footage just sitting in your library that could be used to make some quick dough?

You can apply to become a part of the program right here. Good luck!