August 2, 2018

Watch: Latest Teaser for Nikon Mirrorless Camera Confirms New Lens Mount

The release of Nikon's new camera is imminent. 

Last week we shared a cool teaser from Nikon which confirmed a long-running rumor: the company would be entering the mirrorless camera space. Not too much information was revealed in the stylish short, but we did catch a small glimpse at a newly designed lens mount.

Now thanks to this new trailer, we quite literally get a chance to jump inside.

Many Nikon die-hards will be quick to profess their love for the long-running F-Mount, but from this vide,o it's clear that Nikon is ready to push forward with this massive new mount, rumored to be named the "Z-Mount."  This new Z-Mount is rumored to have an external diameter of 49mm and a flange focal distance of 16mm, compared to the Nikon F's 44mm/46.5mm.

In the video's description, Nikon states, “Ever since the Nikon F film camera, generations of Nikon cameras have been built around the F mount. Building on that technology and DNA, we’re now aiming for new heights.” Thankfully, while this big boy may mean the future of Nikon lenses, the F-mount isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Obviously, existing Nikon F-mount lenses will be compatible with the new mirrorless with a specially designed F-mount adapter. “Soon, Nikon users will have two industry-leading camera systems to choose from," Nikon said in a press statement, "giving consumers the choice to enjoy the unique values that each system offers.”

It looks like the camera is set to be revealed on August 23, 2018, so stay tuned for more updates.     

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I've always preferred Nikon to Canon. I really wish they wouldn't be so rigid on their stance with video. People hate on Canon religiously it seems, but at least they created a cinema line and actually developed some video products. Nikon has just been sitting in the corner with their arms crossed this entire time. Nikon cameras really make beautiful, warm images. It's a shame they treat video as an after thought, as if it's the last feature anyone would ever request in a camera. I understand that they want to remain faithful to photography and make dedicated tools for that medium, so why not just make a Nikon cinema line that focuses on video and shake things up a bit?

August 6, 2018 at 12:11AM

Derek Doublin
Director, Cinematographer, Large Scale Artist