Although not unprecedented, the upcoming release of David Leitch's Once Upon a Deadpool, a recut, PG-13 censored version of his earlier 2018 hit, Deadpool 2, is an odd beast indeed.

Known for its raw, raunchy dialogue and extreme, bloodthirsty violence, the R-rated comic book series starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular masked superhero, has found immense popularity for being non-kid-friendly. Now comes news that a PG-13 version, cleaned up for, we suspect, young children who wish to spend the holidays with their families at a local multiplex listening to a severely less foul-mouthed protagonist, is headed to theaters on December 12th, 2018.

A teaser trailer has just dropped for the upcoming release and it features Deadpool preparing to read a Christmastime story to actor Fred Savage, a thespian who knows a thing or two about being read bedtime stories in movies (Rob Reiner's 1987 children's film, The Princess Bride, says hello). There are hardly any scenes from the censored cut shown here—if you want that, we suggest Googling a scene from Deadpool 2 and tightly covering your ears—but the banter between Reynolds and Savage (as well as a crude sight gag involving an elderly couple and the Pixar Academy Award winner, Up) is inspired enough to get Deadpool fans excited enough to give it a watch.

'Tis the season for a little more Deadpool, and 20th Century Fox, who is agreeing to donate one dollar from each ticket sold to the Fuck Cancer campaign at Reynolds's request, is hoping this truly takes off.