Filmmakers have turned GorillaPods into an essential piece of kit over the years, and while these mini-tripods/handheld stabilizers aren't crazy expensive, they might be out of the price range of a number of creatives. So, if you're in that boat, first of all, welcome, and second, there is a really creative way to make your own DIY GorillaPod with some wire and a few pieces of hardware, the whole lot of which will only set you back around $15. Check out this tutorial from the team over at COOPH to learn how to put it all together.

Okay, this thing isn't going to win any beauty pageants, but it'll get the job done. In the end, that's kind of the only important thing when it comes to filmmaking gear, right? Anyway, you're only going to need a handful of items that you can pick up at any ol' hardware store.

Materials You'll Need to Build Your Own DIY GorillaPod

  • (1) Binder clip
  • (1) Threaded rod
  • (3) Nuts
  • (3) Washers
  • (1) Coil of wire
  • Duct tape

You'll also need a few tools:

  • Drill
  • Allen key
  • Pliers
  • Wirecutters

Now, this build is relatively easy, but it does take some doing. If you're lazy like me and want a solution that takes less effort than weaving wire together with a drill to make the legs of a DIY GorillaPod, I've got just the thing for you. Mike Lohrum, a.k.a. the DIY Camera Guy, made a couple of DIY GorillaPod tutorials this year, which use inexpensive Gear Ties for the legs rather than elegantly woven wire ones.

Definitely worth checking out if you're for real about making a DIY GorillaPod.

Source: COOPH