Film Radar's "Filmmakers in Focus" is a new video essay series dedicated to examining the story of how filmmakers found their way into the business. We cover a lot of that in our interview episodes of The No Film School Podcast, and not only are they generally fascinating, but it is truly inspiring to hear how one of your idols ended up doing what you're trying to do.

With that in mind, David Fincher is obviously a great choice of subject. The man has one of the most impressive resumes of any living filmmaker, including titles such as Se7en, Fight Club, The Social Network, Zodiac, and Gone Girl to his name. His love of film started as a projectionist, which led him to a bit of a break at Industrial Light and Magic, and he then used music videos as his film school before his big screen debut on Alien 3.

Of course, we all know how that went, but watch the video above to find out how it ended up setting a major precedent for his career.


Source: Film Radar