The AV Club picked up a story about how a high school drama club in Bergen, New Jersey put on a production of Alien: The Play. From what we can tell, it's a must see. 

Twitter user Paul Owens started posting some images and videos like the one above from the staged production, and it's truly impressive what these students managed to put together using recycled materials. Here is another extended look at their Xenomorph creation. 

The kids had NO budget, which goes to show all of us what can be done with ingenuity and creative desire. 

Twitter was abuzz with the story, and even the official Alien account chimed in, validating the effort: 


Here is a trailer for the show.

And if you want more details, the kids went onreddit and gave a deeper look at the "how" behind their work. 

Entertainment Weekly spoke to the teachers who helped the students put the passion project together, amidst cries from celebrities on Twitter for the show to hit Broadway. 

It's one of those stories that reminds you that big things can come from humble DIY beginnings. 

Source: North Bergen High School