We first spent some time testing MASV (pronounced MASV) last summer, and we walked away impressed; in fact it's become our default "big file delivery" service. 

Unlike platforms like Dropbox, which is a big part of our workflow for smaller documents (that aren't video files) MASV is specifically designed from the ground up for delivering video files

And delivering them really fast. How fast?

Sometimes even 5 times faster than Dropbox.  And as someone who lost a client to a slow file delivery through Dropbox... this is a huge feature.


Here is the other thing:

Rather than going with the subscription model that most platforms utilize MASV is "pay as you go". This is excellent for working professionals. Why?

Because we can now bill it against a specific job. 

Working on a project and need to send 100GB of dailies to an editor across the country? While you can use your personal Dropbox, it's hard to really quantify that cost...

Now with MASV you not only get speed, but you also get discrete billing and you can pass that cost along to the job.


MASV has kept rolling out new features and now has two big improvements that should make life even easier in the post suite. We'll lay a few more out. 

First off is a desktop application, which is designed for even faster speeds by not going through the browser interface. The goal is sending terabytes of data, even from behind a firewall, with the most speed and stability possible. The goal here would be that even raw dailies could be shared over the network. 

It's 2019, and it's kinda crazy that we're still shipping around hard drives to each other. This could be a fantastic tool for a lot of users.


On top of that is slack integration.  Slack itself is both a blessing and a curse, the office and team communication tool that hopefully improves productivity but might actually be destroying it. 

However, even if you hate it, you can't argue with it, slack is taking over how teams communicate, and directly integrating with slack so that teams or channels can get updates on file transfer status is a smart integration that will make it more likely that a receiver will start their download the second they can.

Lastly, MASV has added a new portals feature where you can send a link to a client where they upload on your billing. What does this mean?

If you regularly work in the later stages of post where a team needs to send items to you, and the producer or post supervisor might be reluctant (or not have the authority) to set up yet another account, you can just send them a link, they upload files and it comes directly over to you on your billing.  

All of these features are available now.  Check out themasv.iosite for more.

Tech Specs:

  • Up to 1GB/s throughout, up to 5X as fast as Dropbox
  • Desktop app for greater speed and RAW workflows
  • Slack Integration
  • Servers in Washington, San Jose, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, London, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney
  • Branded upload and delivery pages