Video and film production in 2023 is all about being untethered. Be it your follow focus, monitor, and even your lens, our tools have become more wireless across the board. 

For our Deals of the Week, we have three wireless video options to upgrade your toolkit and make it ready for making movies in 2023.

Accsoon CineView HE

Accsoon CineView HE

Save $80!
  • Wireless Video Transmitter/Receiver Set
  • Mix up to 4 Receivers, Tablets & Phones
  • 1080p60 HDMI Transmission up to 1200'
  • USB/UVC Output for Streaming
  • iOS/Android App w/ Zebra & LUT Support
  • 2.4 & 5 GHz Dual Band Frequencies
  • 1.3" OLED Displays, >60ms Latency
  • DC/USB Power, L-Series Battery Support
  • Auto Channel Selection, Group Pairing
  • Fanless Design, Aluminum Construction
Transmission Kit

The cheaper option on our list, the Accsoon CineView HE is a great wireless video solution for creatives that don't have a lot to spend. Filmmakers will be able to send a 1080p60 camera signal to the included receiver plus up to three mobile devices. A versatile wireless video system, it provides a cost-effective way of monitoring an HDMI camera signal over distances up to 1200' with only a 60 ms delay. 

The included dedicated receiver features an HDMI output and a USB UVC output to output your signal to a computer for streaming using third-party apps. The companion app provides image tools such as peaking, zebras, false color for exposure, and cube 3D LUT overlay. The transmitter and receiver feature DC and USB Type-C power inputs, and they also support an optional L-series battery that can power the set for up to 12 hours.

For the price, the CineView HE is one of the best tools you can buy if you need wireless video and you're on a budget. 

Teradek Bolt 6 LT 750

Teradek Bolt 6 LT 750

Save $500!
  • 3G-SDI/HDMI Transmitter & Receiver Set
  • Supports New 6 GHz Frequency Band
  • Transmits up to 750' Line of Sight
  • Supports up to 4K30 Resolution Input
  • 3G-SDI/HDMI Inputs & Outputs
  • 10-Bit 4:2:2 Support, No Delay
  • Compatible with Bolt 4K Series 5G TX/RX
  • AES-256 Encryption, 7 x Antennas
  • Bluetooth Mobile App, Spectrum Analyzer

Teradek has been the leader of wireless video in film and television. Go to any set, and you'll see two things—SmallHD and Teradek. Both of these tools are now owned by the same umbrella company, which means you'll see a little bit of crossover in the product line.

With the Teradek Bolt 6 LT 750, filmmakers can transmit and receive lossless HD video from up to 750' line of sight with claimed latency of around 0.01 ms. While that will depend on your environment and setup, it's some of the best specs on the market for a wireless video tool.

This kit includes a wireless Bolt 6 LT 3G-SDI/HDMI transmitter and a wireless Bolt 6 LT 3G-SDI/HDMI receiver that supports the new 6 GHz wireless frequency. It features a bright OLED display and can wirelessly receive up to UHD 4K30 video with 10-bit 4:2:2 HDR support.

The transmitter inputs video over 3G-SDI or HDMI and features 3G-SDI and HDMI loop outputs, and the receiver outputs video via 3G-SDI and HDMI. Both units are also compatible with all Bolt 4K models using the 5 GHz wireless band. If you have money to spend on your kit, Teradek is the way to go.

Atomos Shogun CONNECT

Atomos Shogun CONNECT

Save $300!
  • 7" 1920 x 1200 Touchscreen Display
  • 2000 cd/m² Brightness
  • 2 x 12G-SDI, 2 x HDMI, 1 x USB Type-C
  • Records up to 4K Video
  • Adobe Camera to Cloud Support
  • Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth LE, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Dual Recording Capabilities, Streaming
  • Power via DC Input or L-Series Battery

A more recent addition to the wireless video landscape, the Atomos Shogun CONNECT is less of a wireless video system and more of a monitor/recorder with wireless video capabilities.

Expanding on the HDR recording and monitoring capabilities of the original Shogun, the CONNECT version integrates cloud connectivity via multiple wireless interfaces. The 7" 1920 x 1200 touchscreen display boasts a brightness of 2000 cd/m², while a loop-through 12G-SDI input and output interface support SDI RAW recording. Both the HDMI and 12G-SDI connections can record, monitor, and transmit 4K video with ease. Record and store your footage using the SATA 3 SSD slot compatible with Master Caddy II/III and AtomX SSD mini. Power for the Shogun CONNECT can be achieved via the locking DC jack or with a separately available L-series battery.

But which one is right for you? Let us know in the comments.

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