As we mentioned in our 5DayDeals 2024 kickoff announcement the annual ensemble of video production tools and educational package is back with and offering more affordably discounted assets than ever.

Broken down by the three-tiered bundle package—Main to Pro to Charity (as well as an added Bonus bundle roped in with the Charity Bundle)—5DayDeals starts at $98 for the main bundle, adding up to only $166 for the whole dang package for all four. Pretty crazy deals, ya'll.

Get One of Three Video Creator Bundles!

These bundles are crazy stacked with some of the best packages you can get your hands on, whether you're a seasoned pro or just finding your footing in the industry. While there's a lot of packages to cover amongst the four bundles, let's break down and take a closer look at what you get with the Charity Bundle.

What's All in the Charity Bundle, Exactly? 

Take a look at this breakdown of everything the Charity Bundle has to offer:

Educational Assets

  • Secrets To Growing A Successful YouTube Channel: Step by step guide for every new YouTube video you make. (typically $129 before deal. Premiere Basics)
  • Movie Trailer Style Video Ads: Learn the 12 step process for creating EPIC, ENGAGING, HIGH CONVERTING, Movie Trailer Style Video Ads from a 20+ year Video Pro. (typically $97 before deal. Kevin Anson)
  • Design Theory Bootcamp: At 4+ hours in length, you'll learn the four pillars of design & animation from a professional art director. (typically $197 before deal. Film Editing Pro)
  • From Blueprints to Screenplays: The Journey of a Filmmaker Engineer: A journey from an engineer to a film director and editor. (typically $15 before deal. Cut to the Point)
  • Growing Your Career as a Cinematographer: Learn how to build a strong professional reputation, market yourself, expand your network and attract higher-profile clients. (typically $149 before deal. No Film School)

Tool Box Kit

  • Meteors: The Meteors collection brings you 13 versatile VDB assets. (typically $299 before deal. ActionVFX)
  • Magical Symbols VFX Pack: A collection of 80 stock footage assets for VFX compositing and graphic design. (typically $49 before deal. Triune Digital)
  • Iceland: 4K Cinematic Stock Video Pack: This pack contains 99 video assets shot on SLR and drone in a LOG color profile. (typically $39 before deal. Premiere Basics)
  • Gun Smoke: 7 VDB assets, perfect for gunfire effects or anytime you need a smoke puff. (typically $199 before deal. ActionVFX)

Help Out Some Cool Charities

5DayDeal donates 10% of their profits to charity, raising $3,000,000 plus donated since 2014. Now that's some serious dough, dawg!

With the purchase of one of any bundle, you could become what they've deemed a "5DayDeal Difference Maker" and make your mom really proud. With an initiative towards education is this year, they are donating a portion of each sale to providing educational opportunities to those in need as well.

Check out more about the 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle here.