With all of the amazing resources the internet has to offer, learning how to be a great filmmaker and content creator only requires an investment of time. 

But getting the right tools to show off your skills and impress your clients and audience, now that requires a financial investment. 

That’s where the 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle comes in to save the day. If you’re an editor or creative in need of sound effects, stock footage, VFX assists for compositing, and/or new LUTS to elevate your work, this is what you and your wallet need.

Pick One of Three Bundles!

The 2023 Video Creator Bundle launched just a few days ago, offering access to not only some of the best creators and filmmakers but also to No Film School’s first course, How To Make Money as a Cinematographer

Did we also mention you get a massive assortment of tools to support your education? Let’s explore the amazing tools that you’ll get!

The Tools You Need

Picture this, you’ve just arrived from set and dumped all of your footage into your favorite NLE. Now what?

Sure you can make a sweet rough cut, but you’re missing that one shot you just didn’t have time to get. And your titles and VFX just aren’t popping like you want them to. 

The 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle is your answer. With templates, plugins, and VFX assets, your work will never look the same.  

This year, Triune Digital is offering three amazing asset packs to elevate your narrative project. Make your film pop with Western Film SFX and sweeten them with the Sound Design Tools. Recorded in a live soundstage, these two sound packs are perfect for sound design, music composition, asset creation, and editing.

Now that your project sounds great, open up the Fantasy LUTs to give your image the same treatment. With 45 Fantasy Genre Movie-inspired LUTs, craft your project to match some of your favorite shows.

5DayDeal Western Film SFXThe Western Film SFX by Triune DigitalCredit: 5DayDeal

Can’t find the right starting point to take your image from good to great? Crack open the Primaries LUT Pack by Noam Kroll. Designed to be used as the first step in your color pipeline, Kroll’s LUTs will correct common issues with contrast, white balance, and tint, to create an optimal starting point for your creative grade.

5DayDeal Noam KrollTwo different LUT packs by filmmaker Noam Kroll.Credit: 5DayDeal

ActionVFX is also back to elevate your VFX skills so you can make Hollywood-style scenes. Their Smoke and Fire VFX toolset is just a small sample of the massive library they’ve created. Joining the VFX gang this year is CinePacks, who have brought their Lenx VFX pack, a set of high-quality spherical lens effects made for filmmakers and editors who want to add a little bit of visual flair to their footage.

Are these things going to instantly make you a better editor? No, of course not. But as your toolkit grows, you can focus on flexing your talent muscles and exploring different techniques instead of searching for the right asset or template.  

You Know the Trade, Now Get the Tools

All of this and more is right at your fingertips. For just $98 for the Main Bundle and $166 for the Complete Charity Bundle, creatives like yourself will get access to not only the knowledge of how to be a better filmmaker but the tools you need to succeed.

Get Your Tools and Save Money!

Whatever your budget is, the 2023 Video Creator Bundle is a steal and also allows you to support some amazing charities. 

Check out the 5DayDeal to get geared up and ready for lights, camera, and action.