I was a self-taught filmmaker for the first decade of my career. I learned not only from No Film School but all of the amazing filmmakers I discovered on YouTube. They all taught me the skills I needed to succeed, and without them, I wouldn’t have been able to get my Masters. 

So how do you get the same access that I did? Well, you could scour social media, YouTube, and their websites for the next decade to gather up all the knowledge you can, all while paying a premium. 

Or you can get one of three amazing bundles that include loads of courses, tools, and resources all in one place for a fraction of the cost and time. 

Get Your Video Creator Bundle!

The 2023 Video Creator Bundle from 5DayDeal is now live with a massive number of tutorials and tool packs to elevate your skills as a filmmaker.

Let’s meet the talented creators and filmmakers who are supporting this incredible charity.

Your Teachers

It’s us! We’re gonna teach you how to make money as a cinematographer, baby! 

No Film School has joined 5DayDeal for the 2023 Video Creator Bundle. If you buy the Main Bundle, you’ll get the Getting Your Start as a Cinematographer lesson from our How to Make Money as a Cinematographer course.

This lesson will help you break into the film industry with confidence. It covers topics like securing your first paid client, the fundamentals of freelancing, and making informed decisions about your potential career paths.

Want to learn more? If you get the Complete Charity Bundle, you’ll also get the Mastering the Craft of Cinematography lesson from the same course. 

Mastering The Craft of CinematographyLearn the craft, then master it.Credit: 5DayDeal

This 19-part lesson covers a wide range of topics to help you master the art of capturing stunning visuals. From the fundamental principles of three-point lighting and smart side lighting to the intricacies of lighting night scenes, filming interviews, and capturing product shots.

We also explore the importance of pre-production planning, effective on-set execution, and post-production workflows, including managing image workflow, working with colorists, and executing your own final grade.

An Expansive Faculty

But we’re not the only ones who will be teaching you. 5DayDeal works with some of the best creators and filmmakers in the game. This includes award-winning cinematographers and brilliant content creators with millions of subscribers. 

In How To Light a Horror Film from Shane Hurlbut, ASC of Filmmakers Academy, creatives will learn how to turn any ordinary location into a place of suspense and terror—all through the power of lighting. 

In Learn Filmmaking From Beginner to PRO, the lads of CINECOM will teach the fundamental basics of filmmaking in a structured and engaging way, just like expensive film schools would do.

The Film Editing Formula by Sven PapeThe Film Editing Formula by Sven PapeCredit: This Guy Edits

Finally, we have The Film Editing Formula by Sven Pape, an ACE Award-nominated editor who will reveal the 5 components every successful film & video editor should master.

But that’s only a fraction of the filmmakers and content creators who have offered up their knowledge and tools for us to dive into. We also haven’t even touched on the amazing charities you’ll get a chance to support.

The 5DayDeal Charities 

Started in 2014 by photographer Griffin Stewart, 5DayDeal bridges the creative community with charitable organizations making a scientific, environmental, and/or humanitarian difference around the world. Since the start, the team at 5DayDeal has donated millions of dollars to those in need, and every year just keeps getting better.

5DayDeal CharitiesSome of the amazing charities you'll get to support.Credit: 5DayDeal

This year, organizations like Street Child, Village Impact, and the Wounded Warrior Project will receive your support. To see the full list of charities, visit here.

Class is in Session

Are you ready to begin learning? With all the tools and resources at your disposal, 5DayDeal is ready to level up your career and skillset.

There are only a few days left to grab either the Main, Pro, or Charity Bundle. No matter which one you get, you’ll also open the door to our very own course, How To Make Money As A Cinematographer.

Pick Your Perfect Bundle Now!

So what are you waiting for? A sign? You already passed it when you started reading this article. Check out the Video Creator Bundle now.