The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K has been one of the most popular cameras so far of 2019. (Here’s our full hands-on review if you’re curious to know a breakdown of its exploits.) And as its user base continues to grow, both proprietary and third party add-ons, upgrades and apps are beginning to make their way into play to get the most out of the BMPCC4K’s powerful offering.

One new standout is a new app by SayEffect for remote control of your BMPCC4K with an Android phone. Let’s take a look.

Meet the BMPCC4K Android Controller

Android Controller

Designed to work as a remote control options for your Pocket 4K, the “Blackmagic BMPCC 4K Controller” allows wireless control of everything from stopping/starting recording, white balance and tint, setting up exposure and even lens focus.

Here are the full list of function controls:

  • Start/Stop Recording

  • Choose Recording codec/formats - ProRes and BRAW

  • Choose Resolution, Frame-rate, Dynamic Range, Detail Sharpening (in ProRes)

  • Manage Iris, Shutter and ISO and Auto Exposure (if your lens supports)

  • Manage White Balance and Tint

  • Lens Control - Focus and Zoom (if your lens supports)

  • Play last clip

  • Manage Camera LCD Frame Guides

  • Manage Clip/Slate + Project and Lens Information

Along with these basic remote options, the BMPCC4K Controller also offers some advanced controls of shutter angle and speed, control of rack focus techniques and an editable slate mode.

Here are some more advanced features:

  • Rack Focus

  • Shutter Angle/Speed suggestions for an FPS as provided by BMPCC4K camera

  • Single Click to toggle special off speed - 60/75/100/120

  • Mobile Rotation

  • Slate Mode - only Slate settings editable

  • Customizable Minibar to view and speed click to a particular Setting

  • Topbar indicators if enabled in camera - Off Speed, Timelapse, Windowed Mode

Reviews from Android users have been mostly positive so far, with videographers praising the apps’ ability to set multiple focus points and easy functionable design. However, a few issues with the Bluetooth connectivity have come up - but those seem to be bugs that the designers are quickly working out.

If you are a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K owner who also happens to have an Android smartphone, this might be a relatively cheap route to explore for remote functionality right from your pocket.

Price to buy: $6.99