For those who followed the crazy whirlwind news cycle last week regarding the Academy’s original decision to not broadcast best cinematography, the subsequent backlash, to the Academy finally backtracking and (wisely) returning all categories to air, it’s given us all a little time to step back and re-appreciate, you know, the importance of cinematography in the films that we love.

Going into its 91st iteration, the Academy Awards category for Best Cinematography (which technically began in 1927-1928, but didn’t get ironed out until 1931) has honored the greatest achievements in cinematography throughout the decades.

From early black-and-white classics like A Midsummer’s Night Dream to early color masterpieces like From Here to Eternity and into the modern age with Barry Lyndon and recent standouts like Gravity, it’s fascinating to watch how cinematography has evolved over the years.

Every Best Cinematography Winner Ever

An updated video from Burger Fiction mashup from last year, this new version includes the five films (and cinematographers) nominated for the 2019 Academy Awards at the end.

  • Cold War (Łukasz Żal)

  • The Favourite (Robbie Ryan)

  • Never Look Away (Caleb Deschanel)

  • Roma (Alfonso Cuarón)

  • A Star Is Born (Matthew Libatique)

Also, be sure to check out our in-depth coverage on the cameras and lenses used by all the nominated films here (and our detailed infographic below).

Oscars 2019