Are you looking to add a more classic film look or aesthetic to your film or video project? Unless you’re actually shooting on film stock (which if you are: awesome), you’re probably going to need to do some work in post on your digital footage to give it that natural film style.

In this video tutorial by Shutterstock, we get a nice and straightforward breakdown on not just how film grain overlays can help you create classic film looks and styles (from retro colors to black-and-white), we also get some tips on how to add the overlays into your projects using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and/or Final Cut.

Plus, there are five free film grain overlays to try out!

Working with Film Grain Overlays

As mentioned in the tutorial above, you can download the free film grain overlays here, which were all shot organically on an actual film camera from real film stock for a natural and unique feel. The download includes the following:

  • 8mm Coarse Grain

  • 16mm Coarse Grain

  • 35mm Coarse Grain

  • 35mm Fine Grain

  • Distortion Scratches

So, give them a try and let share your results below.