After the Brian Cogman episode faded to black, and the dust settled, I allowed myself a moment of peace. Game of Thrones was ready to set up the emotional payoff. Next week, thousands will surely die. And odds are most of your favorites won't make it. So it was fun hearing stories about giants, watching Arya and Gendry get momentary bliss, knighting Brienne, and revealing Jon's parentage. 

But the real magic came from HBO's behind the scenes video HBO released about the episode. It takes you through the writing, shooting VFX, and post on the episode. It also shows that TV can be as epic and cinematic as movies. It just takes love, care, and a huge budget. 

Keep reading to see the video. 

Go behind the scenes of Game of Thrones 

We often talk about how epic Game of Thrones is and how they create an incredible and realistic world. But a lot of that world is built by the Production Designers. From fake snow to light sources, these heroes put together every detail to get the audience pumped about what's on screen. 

One problem they ran into in Season Eight is that the sets they had for Winterfell were too small for the story. Since all the characters have converged in this place, they needed to build a few more expansive sets and even construct most fo a caste to sell the world.   

No word yet on if this will all be torn down in the next episode...

Take a look at HBO's full BTS video below. 

After watching the video it's amazing to see all the intricate details of the sets that are actually real. The food they serve, the forges in the background, and even some of the weapons are legit. The fires that have been lit all over are real flames that lick at the screen and allow the actors to have something to interact with and to sell their performances.

I love seeing actors call for more takes as well. Even after eight seasons, no one is phoning it in, this is everyone at the top of their game.  

Get excited about what's coming next. 

What's next? Who do you think makes it out of episode 3 alive

We all know the biggest question in Game Of Thrones is who will end up on the Iron Throne. Now, BetOnline has released a list of who they think the odds on favorites are to sit on the Iron Throne at the end of Season Eight. The odds are favoring the usual suspects, but you can place your bets on lots of longshots too.

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