Donald Glover just really doesn’t know how to ease up. Luckily, it looks like his new-found directorial partner, Hiro Murai, doesn’t either.

The duo have teamed up on a new feature tentatively titled Guava Island. Which, you know, also features their famous friend, Rihanna. Filming has started in Cuba (as reported by local magazine Vistar) and a trailer made its premiere at the PHAROS festival in New Zealand this weekend.

Let’s take a look at some of the leaked footage of this new trailer and a first look at Guava Island.

A Childish Gambino Film

A couple of interesting notes from this leaked trailer (first reported by Stereogum).

  1. The trailer introduces itself as “A Childish Gambino Film," which would make sense as Murai has been a frequent collaborator of Glover’s on both his hit show Atlanta, as well as the director of the Gambino music videos “This is America” and “Sober” in the past.
  2. We don’t actually see a title card stating “Guava Island” is the name of the feature, which means it might just be a working title, or just hasn’t been finalized yet.

What We Know About 'Guava Island'

For what we know so far, the film will take place in Cuba. The style looks similar to that of Atlanta’s, but has certainly developed after having directed episodes for Legion, Barry, and music videos for Earl Sweatshirt, Massive Attack, and A Tribe Called Quest. The film is also set to star Letitia Wright and Nonso Anozie along with Rihanna, although in what capacities is yet to be seen.

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