There are days when I miss film school. I miss sitting around and debating movies and TV with my friends. Arguing over tiny details and insane fan theories. I guess we have Reddit for that now. And I hope we can use No Film School the same way. Consider this your forum for debate as well as learning now new gear. And there is no greater debate going on in the classrooms and chat forums across the world than who will end up on the Iron Throne. 

We've covered the Lannisters and Targaryens, but now it's time to give the Starks their due. 

RIP Ned, am I right? 

What's the Stark's path to the throne? 

The Starks were once a proud family that ruled the North. According to legend, they are descendants of the first men. and their greatest ancestor, Brandon the Builder, built the wall, Winterfell, and was heralded for generations. When Game of Thrones starts, Ned is called to become the hand of the king, is betrayed by the Lannisters when Robert Baratheon dies, and his family goes on suffering for seven more seasons. 

Stark-family-tree-got-1005915Credit: HBO

Rob and Catelyn died at the Red Wedding. Rickon at the Battle of the Bastards. Benjen died north of the wall saving Jon Snow. And we recently found out Lyanna Stark died after birthing Jon Snow, who is actually a Targaryen, but we're getting to that. 

Now only Sansa, Arya, and Bran remain of Ned and Catelyn's kids. 

Arya has sworn vengeance is being a bad-ass and ticking names off her list. Bran has taken the mantle of being the three-eyed Raven and seems more interested in traveling through animals and in time than ruling. 

That leases Sansa as the only viable ruler. And she's been kicking ass in her own right, singlehandedly outmaneuvering Ramsay in the Battle of the Bastards and coming in with the cavalry. Since then she's been uniting the North and leading while Jon has been off falling in love with his hot aunt, Daenerys Targaryen.  

As I mentioned in our Game of Thrones odds article, Sansa feels like the only viable Stark to lead. 

But what about a half-Stark? 

Jon Snow is the King of the North. He united the people from both sides of the wall. He was resurrected by the Lord of Light after suffering the betrayal of his own people. The guy just feels like he's been anointed to be much more. And with the recent revelation that he's half Targaryen, Jon might be in the lead when it comes to ruling. 

Still, Jon has never wanted to be king. He's come a long way since being the spoiled rich kid in the North trying to join the Watch, but he still doesn't seem interested in ruling. Perhaps a marriage with Daenerys would give her the power to rule, and he could be just the equivalent of a "First Man," and decorate the castle. 

It seems more likely that Jon is a sacrificial lamb, though. He's been living and loving on borrowed time since he was raised from the dead. And his love and devotion for his men and family mean he's always willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. 

If you're willing to die, the game of thrones has no problem taking your life.  

Man, this season eight is going to be epic. 

The Ringer's YouTube Channel created this epic hype video for the House Stark. Get watching! 

What's next? Root for the Lannisters

Everyone knows that a Lannister always pays their debts, but did you know their official house slogan is "Hear me roar!" That's kind of hilarious. With Game of Thrones coming to a close soon, we have been diving into all the cool summaries and fan theories popping up all over the place, and I have the most fun pulling out information on each house and predicting who will win the Game of Thrones. 

Mathematically speaking, it seems like the Lannisters have a better chance than anyone when it comes to winning. They have three horses in the fight and cover both sides of the war. 

So click the link to see their path to the throne! 

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