We saw him typing and screaming, now we get to see the truly disturbing murderous side of Jim Carrey (as Jack Nicholson's Jack Torrence) in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining in yet another Deepfake from Ctrl Shift Face.

This time, the YouTuber has used deepfake technology to place the world's greatest funnyman in one of the most iconic horror scenes in history.

Without further ado, here's Jimmy!

We covered how cool deepfakes would be once the technology gets even better. Imagine being able to pair the actual Katherine Hepburn with Leo in The Aviator or just owning a famous actor's likeness and sticking them in any role you want. Give me the Gregory Peck and George Clooney team up I deserve! 

Still, maybe I'm a little like Frankenstein here. We saw what modern pacing can do to Star Wars, and while I really loved it, I hate the idea of messing with a classic. While I like the idea of adding things to the future, I can't help but be worried about how this could mess with the past. 

Do we want rereleases that replace problematic actors? Kind of...but also I don't think censoring what we saw at one time, like removing Kevin Spacey in American Beauty makes a ton of sense. Still, it would be great to be able to compile early actors and actresses and get them into a cool ensemble movie. 

Also, think about the market for people who had similar bodies to these famous people. There could be an Academy Award for Body Acting. 

The possibilities are endless! 

It feels like we are living in Her and I am both terrified and excited. 

What are some of the deepfakes you wish you could execute? 

Let us know in the comments! 

Source: Ctrl Shift Face