The robots aren’t coming. They’re already here.

Deepfake is a new technology that uses AI, CGI and facial mapping via easy-to-use software that creates a believable face replacement.

The YouTuber Ctrl Shift Face is making a splash using Deepfake open source software to create videos mashing up known actors and film clips.

His latest clip of The Shining starring Jim Carrey has over half a million views in 24 hours. It is spooky on multiple levels.

This is the same tech that allowed us to see Sylvester Stallone in Terminator 2.

It’s intriguing at first…

But this tech has deeper, troubling possibilities.

This powerful, convincing AI tech and video tracking calls into question our long-held believe that recordings are inherently credible.

Films have been using CGI subtly for years in controlled environments, by professionals, in a fictional setting.

Facial mapping in I, Tonya, Forrest Gump inserted into historical footage, or even Mission Impossible’s Classic Face Swap all took advantage of audience's suspension of disbelief when it comes to accepting CGI in stories.

But Deepfake makes it easy for anyone to create fake videos trying to emulate reality.

Thinking about the potentially damaging impact of this tech if it continues to spread, uncontrolled in the wrong hands, Jim Carrey starring in The Shining seems a little less scary.

Is Deepfake something to be worried about, or another passing trend? Share your take below.

Source: Ctrl Shift Face