CES 2019 isn’t just about DJI drones and Nikon camera firmware updates, Nvidia is also currently showing off some slim new laptops with some insane editing capabilities. Using the GeForce RTX graphic card, Nvidia has debuted 17 (of 40) new Max-Q laptops which can run 6K RED RAW at full resolution at up to 30p.

Here’s Nvidia’s complete CES press event and some more details about this powerful new laptop line and its video editing capabilities.

Nvidia GeForce RTX Max-Q Laptops

Partnered up with AutoDesk and RED, Nvidia has been showcasing a GeForce RTX Max-Q laptop editing workflow on complex Maya 3D animations and running 6K RED RAW playback.

Nvidia has also shown off its new Nvidia CUDA-accelerated REDCODE SDK which helps its laptops edit video without pre-caching or low-resolution proxing in real-time. 

Release and Details

Exact stats and price are still to be released, but Nvidia has shared that the new GeForce RTX Max-Q laptops are expected to be available in 100-plus configurations and online by January 29th.