2 New Lenses Introduced by Olloclip for Smartphone Filmmakers

Olloclip Smartphone Lenses
Olloclip has unveiled new Super-Wide and a Telephoto lenses for your iPhones and Android cinematography needs.

Is it possible to call oneself a “smartphone filmmaker” yet? Or does that sound somehow both too pretentious and too amateur? Well, we’ll eventually find out as the film and video industry continues to churn out more smartphone filmmaking gear (like this smartphone Freefly Movi rig) and resources (like 512GB microSD for Android users).

And let’s not even talk about the future 4G-connected smartphone cameras like this new Yongnuo offering.

Yet, here we are as Olloclip has just introduced a new line of iPhone and Android friendly lenses with a new Super-Wide and a Telephoto - as well as a new “Intro Series” combo lens with both macro and wide angle.

Olloclip Pro Series Telephoto Lens

Olloclip Smartphone Lens Telephoto
Let’s start with the Olloclip “Pro Series” Telephoto lens. With a reported 2x optical zoom, it should give your a little more coverage capabilities. It also has built-in multi-element coated glass optics. Could be great for close-ups, time-lapses and even 360-degree recordings. With lens clip, should work all smartphones and apps.

Price: $99.99

Olloclip Pro Series Super-Wide Lens

Olloclip Smartphone Lens Super Wide
As a lens companion, Olloclip’s “Pro Series” Super-Wide lens offers some of the least lens distortion of any wide angle smartphone lens currently on the market. Designed for landscape and architecture in mind, this super-wide can double your field of view for some enhanced coverage. With lens clip, should work all smartphones and apps.

Price: $99.99

Olloclip Intro Series 2-in-1 Combo Lens

Olloclip Smartphone Lenses
To go along with Olloclip’s new “Pro Series” for seasoned smartphone filmmakers, the company has also introduced a new “Intro Series” line for the beginner and more budget-minded smartphone filmmaker. The Wide-Angle + Macro Intro Series lens is a combination lens that features both a wide-angle lens and a macro lens similar to the two offerings above, but built together as a screwable/unscrewable attachment.

Price: $19.99

Stay tuned on this Smartphone Filmmaking movement though, as these lenses keep getting better and the technology keeps advancing, it could be worth it to be an early adapter - rather than just trying to keep up.     

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1 Comment

Ive been getting pretty burned out buying new lenses every time i upgrade my phone.

Decided to over to Beastgrip and was pretty happy, until i saw they are also redesigning everything.

I kind of wish they treated these like actual lenses. Same mount (even per brand) and it doesn't change

November 6, 2018 at 7:12AM

Anthony Vescio