40% is a pretty good deal all on it's lonesome. Definitely enough to make some things that are normally unaffordable maybe, just possibly, fit in the budget. But 50% is even better. That's the standard academic discount over at Red Giant. But for today and tomorrow only, Red Giant is having a 40% off sale off everything, their yearly big sale. Which includes all the academic products. This makes for an effective 80% off. That $1000 software package is down to $200 for education customers. It's the best deal around for students.

Red Giant End of Year Sale

If you have managed to avoid learning about Red Giant, we have a lot of coverage you can dig into of the popular plugin maker. They make the popular Universe suite of transitions and filters for adding a vintage feel to your work. They make some strong offload and syncing tools. They have some GPU accelerated motion graphics tools to make your text stand out. They are even friends with They Might Be Giants.  In short, they don't make the editing software, but they sell a lot of things that make your editing software just a little bit better.


Of course, this means that if you are a student but haven't set up your student credentials at Red Giant already, you are probably out of luck. We bet they are going to be too slammed to create any new student accounts (though you can try). But you should set up your student discount regardless, since the normal deal is pretty good, and the fact that Red Giant stacks discounts is too good to be missed.

Check out the Red Giant site for more info, and be sure to get whatever you are getting by 8am PST on December 6th when the sale ends. Even if you aren't a student, 40% is a hefty one day sale.