Red Giant's latest update Trapcode Suite 14 features 11 tools for filmmakers looking to create powerful motion graphics and visual effects with Adobe After Effects. Two freshly redesigned tools have been introduced—Trapcode Particular 3 and Trapcode Form 3—with a new version of Trapcode Tao. 

Trapcode Particular 3 gives you the ability to create organic 3D particle effects with the added benefit of GPU acceleration and speed boosts 4x (or more) from previous versions. Filmmakers can build particle effects visually using the Designer tool and use After Effects' 3D camera and lights to tune the image. The tool is stacked with over 60 3D objects/models in its library, including 270 sprites and 210 new presets in its expanded library. 

For the first time, creators can combine multiple particle systems in the same 3D space.

Also for the first time, creators can combine multiple particle systems in the same 3D space. So if you want Disc particles layered over Cube Array particles, you can do that all within one instance of Particular. Your own 3D objects and OBJ sequences can be imported as emitters; Red Giant gives you the ability to share the same parameter setting as a single preset in multi-system setups. This will be a major time-saver.

Additionally, a new Aux System includes keyframe-able parameters for additional control. You can add custom particles into a setup for more creativity. 

Trapcode Form 3 features the same Designer tool in Particular that allows you to build particle grids, create MoGraph with 3D models and sequences, and use sound to drive animation and dissolve text and logos. The update includes 70 fully-customizable presets for fast motion graphics with more control for color, size, opacity, and dispersion of your particles with a keyframe-able graphing system. You can also load any composition image as a particle by assigning it to a sprite or polygon directly within After Effects or the Designer tool via the Sprite Loading Panel. 

With Trapecod Tao 1.2, creating animated 3D geometries along a path has become easier. Red Giant has added a new depth-of-field effect based on the distance from the After Effects 3D camera. If you're an existing Trapcode Tao user, this update is free. 

The complete Trapcode Suite 14 includes Trapcode Particular 3, Trapcode Form 3, Trapcode Tao Trapcode Mir 2, Trapcode Shine 2. Trapcode Lux. Trapcode 3D Stroke, Trapcode Echospace, Trapcode Starglow, Trapcode Sound Keys, and Trapcode Horizon.

The update to 14 will cost existing users $199. The full suite costs $999. (Red Giant also has a la carte options if you prefer cherry-picking.) Lastly, if you want to get started on learning how to use Trapcode Particular 3 and Trapcode Form 3, head over here and here.

Source: Red Giant