If you're the actor on a TV show that found an audience on a streamer after airing on a traditional network, you're probably out on the picket lines.

We heard fromRick and Morty actor Spencer Grammer and learned about theSuits residuals, and now Aaron Paul has been interviewed on the picket lines.

Paul was out there making his voice heard, in part because he says he's been paid nothing by Netflix despite Breaking Bad being one of the most popular on the platform, garnering millions if not billions of streams.

While on the picket lines, Paul expressed his displeasure with the way streamers, specifically Netflix, compensate actors on popular shows that streamers get for the show's second run. These are shows that may find a new life on streamers, but the people involved do not get residual paychecks from those streams, despite their popularity bringing subscribers into the mix.

You can watch his full comments in the Twitter link below.

The issue of who is liable for these residual payments has come up over and over, with no clear answer. But you can see how this has become one of the loudest talking points during the labor movement of the summer. If you help make something popular, you should be paid for it.

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