As the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes rock Hollywood, we've been trying to assemble stories to show you what it is like for working professionals in the industry.

Late last week, the Los Angeles Times caught up with Spencer Grammer, an actress who voices Summer Smith on Greek and Rick and Morty, among other roles.

Grammer was out on the picket lines talking about how after being on a hit show like Greek and being a voice in many episodes of Rick and Morty, she didn't make enough money to qualify for health insurance.

After the tweet with this information went viral, fellow actor Alan Tudyk took to Twitter to talk about how bad pay can be for voice actors. Tudyk said that you can be in every episode of Rick and Morty over a season and only make $15,000.

This low pay would not be enough to live on in Los Angeles. Before you say, "That's not much work," these voice actors have to spend a ton of time in the booth saying lines in different ways, adding alternative lines. They attend table reads, work with writers, and have many more responsibilities.

The stories of why people are on the picket lines are incredibly important. The reality of Hollywood and pay should be on every headline.

Yes, there's a lot of money in this town, but it rarely finds its way into the workers' pockets.

Source: The Los Angeles Times and Alan Tudyk on X