NAB is always the place where manufacturers get a chance to flex the next innovation.

So far, we've covered how AI is finding it's into almost every toolset you have at your figure tips. But hardware is equally important, and Aputure is always our go-to when we're at NAB. 

For NAB, Aputure has announced two new amaran point-source LED lights that expand the already sizable and well priced monolight line. With full-color RGBWW control and supports for Bowen mount style accessories, the amaran 150c and 300c offer integrated controls and high-performance light output with an expanded CCT range of between 2,500K and 7,500K and over 90% coverage of the Rec.2020 Color Space.

Let's dig into the specs a bit more to see what that really means for filmmakers. 

Power and Design

With 360° HSI controls, a CRI/TLCI rating over 95, and an SSI D56/Tungsten rating approaching 83, both fixtures promise reliable color-accurate light output for the proper illumination of real-life skin tones. At 5600K, the lights also output a lux rating of 15610 and 26580 (respectively) when using the included hyper reflectors.

Both the amaran 105c and 300c rely on an etched glass optical element that diffuses the light coming from the super bright LED chips. This blends them into one cohesive beam of light, which should combat any hotspots.

The lights also come equipped with a newly redesigned high-efficiency heat sink and silent active cooling system, which can manage the heat from the LED without creating unwanted fan noise. 

amaran 300c LED COBamaran 300c LED COBCredit: Aputure

Streamlined Control

But controlling all that light needs robust controls. For this, the 150c and 300c have a streamlined control interface that eliminates the need for a separate control box. All core functions can be controlled using the twin dials on the back panel, including CCT, HSI, and G/M correction, as well as advanced functions which can be wirelessly adjusted through Aputure Sidus Link mobile app.

With Sidus Mesh technology, the lights can be adjusted from 0%-100% or customized with built-in lighting and music effects for various lighting scenarios. Sidus Link also has a color picker that allows users to sample a desired color hue and replicate it as a lighting hue shade within the app. 

amaran 150c Control Panelamaran 150c controlsCredit: Aputure

Standard Power, Bowens Support

The lights are also powered by a 48v XLR power input at the rear or through the use of the Aputure 2-Bay battery power station. This comes in either Gold or V-Mount battery options and utilizes a 3-pin XLR power cable. 

The minimalist design is also further accentuated by rear-facing side handles and a Bowens release latch that allows for ergonomic fine-tune adjustments wherever the fixture is placed. This universal mount provides full compatibility with lighting modifiers, including the new amaran Light Dome Mini SE and Spotlight SE accessories. Both fixtures also come with built-in umbrella holders at the lamp head.

Both lights represent the next step for content creators looking for a full-color point source option that is compact and affordable, has a simple user interface, and has a gentile learning curve. The 150c is ideal for a home studio or vlogging desktop setup, while the 300c can be used as a key or fill let on any set a small screw is lighting including small studios, on-location interviews, or indie film sets.

amaran 150c w/ Light Dome Miniamaran 150c w/ Light Dome MiniCredit: Aputure

Pricing and Availability

Beginning Monday, April 16th, 2023, the amaran 150c and 300c point source light fixtures will be available for preorder at a retail price of $359 for the 150c and $569 for the 300c. Each fixture comes with an eco-friendly lightweight EPP (expanded polypropylene) carrying case, a light reflector, and all necessary power connections.

We're excited to see the affordable amaran line growing. While Aputure's main series can be more robust for tough production, the amaran series is a perfect solution for budget filmmakers that need more light.

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments if you want these lights in your kit.


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