As film festivals and trade shows continue to rebound back to pre-pandemic levels, the vibe at NAB this year was absolutely one that felt like brands were fully back in action and ready to send their newest products and gear innovations.

One booth that brought as much pre-pandemic news and features as anyone else was the Aputure booth, which had three new products to showcase including the Aputure INFINIMAT line, Sidus One, and Sidus Link Pro.

Let’s take a look at the latest from Aputure from our visit with the team at NAB 2024.

The Latest from Aputure at NAB 2024

As you can see in our video below where our video coverage hosts from Cinematography for Actors chats with the Aptuure team, there’s a lot to catch up on and go over from their booth this year. The big highlight is the new INFINIMAT line, which—according to Aputure—is basically their version of a mat light that everybody’s been waiting for.

Here are the highlights:


With these new INFINIMATs in particular, Aputure was simply looking to build upon the already popular light mat form factor, but by adding more options to configure them in the conventional thin mat form, or to expand using the fixture's built-in inflatable diffusion.

The INFINIMATs offer a mat system that is quick to set up and can be used either solo or with a team. Each panel also features pixel color control and the ability to control multiple lights from a single control box. They also offer multi-light versatility, which when combined with each panel's singular high output, will allow them to be both an everyday workhorse for small spaces or patched together with pixel-mapping to be a film set's largest specialty light.

The Sidus Ecosystem

Aputure also unveiled a new Sidus Link Pro that is set to build upon their Sidus Link app, further utilizing an intuitive graphical user interface instead of the dense command-line computer programming methods utilized by traditional lighting consoles to give creatives control of their lighting.

Aputure users will also now have the ability to perform instantaneous cue-based controls across multiple lights with zero delay, a feature that was previously only possible through console control, and the ability to connect to any CRMX-enabled fixture (a capability expanded by Sidus One).

The Sidus Link Pro app, when joined with the Sidus One, will further give smaller facilities and independent filmmakers a latency-free, intuitive, and powerful integrated control system without needing to spend huge amounts of time learning console programming.

You can find full pricing and availability for these new Aputure products on their site here.

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