Despite the worldwide chip shortage plaguing the tech industry right now, it’s full steam ahead for Apple. Sort of. The company is expected to not only announce a new iPhone 13 next week, but also a pair of MacBook Pro laptops that could come with mini LED screens that will make retina look like standard definition.

Apple was expected to announce the new M1x MacBooks in June, during the Worldwide Developers Conference, but opted not to, leaving many to speculate the delay was due to the chip shortage. The shortage has not only affected the tech industry but just about every industry that relies on computer chips, including the automotive industry.

Apple looks to have read the tea leaves more accurately than others, and managed to purchase enough chips to get production of their new MacBooks up by August. There was a slight hiccup over the summer, as a shortage of mini LED panels was experienced for a brief time.

Apple seems to have solved both problems and production is in full swing. According to Digitimes, which obsessively keeps track of supply chains for Cupertino, production is on schedule and Apple should have over 4 million units ready to ship in time for the fall shopping season starting in October. After which production will maintain a targeted 600,000-800,000 units per month.

Backlit mini LED will offer numerous advantages over the current retina-based screens, with more control of illumination and color gamut, and a contrast ratio of up to 1 million to 1. Better HDR support is also a great feature. This will surely make the new M1X MacBook Pros very popular with colorists.

The new MacBook Pro models are expected to be 16- and 14-inch displays and are believed to house the next-generation M1X processors. That alone would make the laptops worthy of an upgrade, since the Apple Silicon architecture is famous for high performance, yet low power consumption. Apple is also rumored to be planning a next-generation M1X Mac Mini, a refresh to the first M1 Mini which was announced in 2020.

Regardless, actual models will be announced on Sept. 14, and a higher demand for MacBooks is projected, with sales of mini LED MacBook Pros to outpace iPads by as much as 20%. That, coupled with the overall effects of the chip shortage, means that if you want a new M1X MacBook Pro, it’s best to get your preorder in early.

Source: Apple Insider