This time around, for Aputure, more is better. The company has officially released its MC 12-Light Production Kit, which combines 12 of its MC RGBWW mini LEDs into one easily portable carrying case. 

Based on the popular MC 4-Light Travel Kit, this refreshed version offers 8 additional fixtures, a customizable slimmer case, D-Tap, AC power, 3 USB ports for charging, an accessory drawer, and shallower charging pads that allow smartphones to be charged wirelessly. 

The versatile MC light still offers the same performance and output ability. The RGBWW fixture offers an adjustable color temperature of 3200-6500K, a 100lux output at 3 feet (1 meter), high CRI/TLCI ratings, and a 2-hour operating time on a full battery when run at its maximum brightness. On top of that, the lights can be paired with Aputure's Sidus Link app. With the Bluetooth mesh control, filmmakers have access to adjustment settings for intensity, white light output, color control color picker, and advanced features like SourceMatch functionality, which allows you to match the color of a source with the light and lighting effects, including Sidus Pro FX which adds Picker FX, Manual FX, and Magic Program. 


Picker FX uses the camera on the mobile phone to capture a real-world lighting pattern which can be uploaded to fixtures and replicated. Manual FX allows you to create your own lighting effects using 30 different parameters, while Magic Program allows users to create effects and sequences that can span multiple lights. So, if you want to create a chase sequence or effects using a number of sources, you can. 

The notable change with this kit is the carrying case. Cinematographers and gaffers will quickly notice its slimmer design for easy travel. The addition of 3 USB 5V/2A ports will allow lights to charge faster. About 2 hours when compared to the 3.5 hours it takes to charge them wirelessly. Aputure kept the same wireless charging functionality as the MC 4 kit but made the charging bays shallow enough to charge mobile devices with Qi wireless technology. D-Tap has also carried over, which can be used to charge the case if AC power is not available. 

The kit includes 4 silicon diffusers, 4 cold shoe ball heads, 8 adhesive mounting pads, the AC power cable, a D-Tap Cable, and USB Type-C cables. The MC 12-Light Production Kit retails for $1,499 and is available now.