In an emailed press release that's sure to elate Super 35 shooters, ARRI has announced that Alexa Mini LF can now record several new Super 35 formats directly in-camera. Plus, the camera receives new large-format modes as well. 

One of the most advantageous things about large format sensors is their different shooting modes. If you want to shoot full width you can, but if you want to drop down to full-frame, Super 35, or Super 16, you can do that as well directly in-camera and without worry. This is especially great if you happen to love a set of lenses that can only cover a certain image circle, say Super 35. Having the ability to jump from one image mode to another using the same camera is one of the greatest things about digital cinematography. And after consumer requests, the Alexa Mini LF now offers it too. 

So exactly what are we getting with SUP 7.0? 

SUP 7.0 Overview 

  • New Super 35 and new large-format recording formats
  • New recording format names
  • Improved MAGNIFICATION and more framelines
  • Signature Zoom Extender 1.7x support
  • User setup file compatibility 
  • Camera Access Protocol (CAP) enhancements 
  • Improved communication of LBUS devices and other ECS improvements 
  • Improved logfile exporting 
  • System stability improvements

New Super 35 modes (MFX/Apple ProRes):

  • 3.4K S35 3:2 - 3.4K up to 60fps (3424 x 2022 recorded pixels) 
  • 3.2K S35 16:9 - 3.2K up to 75fps (3200 x 1800 recorded pixels)
  • 2.8K S35 4:3 - 2.8K up to 75fps (2280 x 2160 recorded pixels)
  • 2.8K S35 16:9 - HD up to 100fps (1920 x 1080 recorded pixels)

New large-format recording modes (MFX/Apple ProRes​)

  •  4.3K LF 16:9 - UHD up to 48fps (3840 x 2160 recorded pixels)
  • 4.3K LF 16:9 - HD up to 75fps (1920 x 1080 recorded pixels)

With the addition of these new formats, three of the four Super 35 modes offer higher frame rates than the Alexa Mini. Although the Alexa Mini does support 200fps at 2.8K S35 16:9 HD. So if you're needing high-frame-rate HD footage above 100fps, it's worth noting. However, on the Alexa Mini LF, 2.8K S35 16:9 and 4.3K LF 16:9 modes are downsampling the image from a higher photosite count, so there might be room to play there if images need to be blown up to higher resolutions. 

This is a great update from ARRI. You can find out more about SUP 7.0 at the jump

Source: ARRI