With NAB 2024 just around the corner now, it’s exciting to see which brands and manufacturers choose to slowly roll out their new announcements here before the conference versus which ones are choosing to save all their big news for the usually jam-packed week in Vegas.

Luckily for you, and us really, ARRI has decided to unveil some of their new and improved L-Series LED fresnels with everyone well before the conference starts. This means, that if you’re into lights and cinematography, you can nerd out on these new ARRI L-Series Plus LED Fresnels all to yourself without the many NAB distractions.

Introducing ARRI L-Series Plus

Offering a significant upgrade in terms of brightness and new direct network connectivity with LAN data input, ARRI has improved upon its L-Series LEDs with their usual notable control features for color temp and brightness, as well as cost-saving and cooling functions, with now 90% more brightness than the original L-Series.

These new L-Series Plus models will also feature a new and intuitive Skypanel Classic onboard control interface which you might be familiar with from the ARRI SkyPanel. The new L-Series Plus models will come in two size options including a L5-C PLus and a L7-C Plus both available in blue-silver or black colors.

The LC-5 Plus model will feature a 137mm/5in focusable Fresnel lens and the L7-C Plus will feature a 175mm/7in one. As with past versions, these LED options should be able to provide precise light field controls that are fully tunable for mixed light and different skin tones.

\u200bARRI L5-C Plus and L7-C Plus

ARRI L5-C Plus and L7-C Plus


Connectivity and Features

What’s cool about this new L-Series Plus version is the increased brightness, yet still a similar weight, as well as some fancy new connectivity options and controls. You’ll also be able to continuously control elements like hue, tint, and temperature from 2,800K to 10,000K while providing an average of 60% more output than the original L-Series.

The L-Series Plus also has some aforementioned improved connectivity features thanks to its network data input and lighting control function that makes use of the ArtNet and Streaming ACN industry standards.

Here’s a full list of the improvements and features:

  • Up to 90% brighter with size and weight similar to the original L-Series
  • Direct network connectivity for LAN input and light control via ArtNet and Streaming ACN
  • Continuous focusability from spot to flood
  • Smooth, homogenous light field
  • Complete control over color and intensity
  • Ultra-quiet operation due to combined passive and discrete fan cooling
  • Intuitive SkyPanel Classic onboard control and user interface
  • Two variants: L5-C Plus and L7-C Plus in blue-silver and black with different yoke options
  • Compatible with standard barn doors and L-Series accessories
\u200bL5-C Plus and L7-C Plus fixtures come in blue and silver or sleek all-black, with either a manual or PO yoke.

L5-C Plus and L7-C Plus fixtures come in blue and silver or sleek all-black, with either a manual or PO yoke.


Price and Availability

The ARRI L-Series Plus fixtures are online and available for special order right now, with an expected ship date approximately set for this summer. There are many different options to choose from for each model, which you can explore further in the links below.