Artificial intelligence. It's rapidly becoming the one feature that spans across every single tool in our filmmaking quiver, including a new super-smart slider from Axibo, that will probably do a better job at moving your camera than you can.  And when our tools become smarter than we are, it's only a matter of time before we're out of a job! But let's look at Axibo anyway. It's really cool.

If you think about it, it's kind of a misnomer to call Axibo a smart slider. It's actually a virtual cameraman that uses it's AI to lock onto a human face and follow it anywhere in the frame. The camera will then use pan, tilt, and slide to move the camera as it keeps the subject's face in frame.

Axibo's Built in Camera locks onto a human face and uses AI to keep track of it.Credit: Axibo

How does it do this? Well, Axibo has it's own built-in smart camera that is connected to a desktop-grade six-core processor unit. The Processor takes the image coming from the Axibo camera, and uses AI to interpret and lock onto the nearest subject and follow it.

The Axibo slider system works for both still images and video, tracking subjects through a variety of lighting conditions, and the creators say it can even hold its tracking when the subject is partially hidden from view. Axibo can also operate on uneven terrain, as well as use vertical operation.

In addition, Axibo can be set to shoot a wide array of smart time lapses. Here's a few different modes it can support:

  • Timelapse with any combination of pan, tilt or slide
  • Control exposure automatically using an integrated camera sensor
  • Synchronize shutter with motion for photo timelapse.
  • Multi-point key-frame timelapse
  • Celestial tracking timelapse

Axibo Smart Slider up closeCredit: Axibo

Axibo comes with a Z1 Pan & Tilt unit,  a 1-meter rail array, and the smart controller, which processes and tracks the subject of the image. The controller then uses its basic robotic features for tracking, creating time-lapses, and even motion control camera operation. It can also be controlled and set up through a smartphone app. And since it uses A.I. it can only get better the more you use it. That's a very smart slider. 

Axibo is currently deep into its Kickstarter campaign, and with 41 days to go, it's already nearly surpassed its goal of $30,000. There are still early bird pricing available for users who want to back the system, which is listed at around $900 US.  Shipping is expected in April of 2020. But being Kickstarter time, I would imagine that it will be closer to summer. 

To back it, head on over to their campaign page here