TRASH is a new A.I. powered mobile video app that wants to edit your videos for you. 

Wait. what?

All you need to do is upload video clips, then TRASH creates a rough cut for you.

And it doesn't simply randomly generate edits. An advanced technology is responsible for the editing choices. From there you can use TRASH’s edits as-is, or adjust to your heart’s content.

Keep in mind though, that TRASH is really only for videos geared toward social media and isn't built to provide services for large-scale film projects.

The app features a platform to share and watch videos from other creators. The video creation and sharing aspects put TRASH in the ranks of social video apps like TikTok and Vine (RIP), but the tech behind it is aiming for something much bigger...

Because TRASH uses A.I. to do the editing. You can know nothing about editing and use TRASH to create an edited video with just a few taps.

Trash App User InterfaceCredit: The Trash App

This may sound simple, but it takes a lot of brainpower to make the process this streamlined. TRASH received a competitive grant from the National Science Foundation to further develop this groundbreaking tech. The pairing of this tech and a friendly user interface is brought to you by experts.

Co-founder and Chief Scientist Genevieve Patterson earned a Ph.D. from Brown University, with her Postdoctoral research work focusing on creating a dialog between A.I. and people, while founder and CEO Hannah Donovan previously served as the General Manager for social video app Vine and co-creator of This Is My Jam, a London-based social music sharing site.

They want editing to be available to everyone, even without advanced expertise.

“We want everyone to be able to participate in the medium of video, democratizing a medium that was previously only for pros.” - Genevieve Patterson and Hannah Donovan, TRASH founders

AI Video Editing App Trash Founders Genevieve Patterson and Hannah DonovanCredit: Medium

A Beta release of TRASH is now available in the iTunes App Store for creatives with a secret access code.

Want to know how to get it?

Download the app, enter your details to put your name on the list for access, then a code will be e-mailed to you.

Will A.I. render entire post-production teams obsolete?

Of course not.

But the possibilities for filmmakers are exciting. Imagine being able to generate an assembly cut from dailies on set, and review it in real time. This frontier tech could have huge implications for social video and post-production alike.

Take TRASH for a test drive and let us know how it compares to your regular editing process.

Source: The Trash App