It seems almost every week you can find a story about the best apps available for nearly any subject. Filmmaking is no different. But what tends to happen in our 72 hour news cycle is that things can get lost in the shuffle. The people behind the Pro Filmmaker Apps website aims to change all of it.

Profilmmakeapps_sitePro FIlmmaker Apps

The idea originated at FWD:labs and finds its home at Pro Filmmaker Apps, a curated database of filmmaking apps that are neatly categorized into different searchable subjects, including cinematographers, camera assistant, colorists, directors, VFX artists, sound mixers, and many others. 

At the time of publication, over 300 apps can be found on the site with direct links to download. It's worth noting there is no extra cost associated when using the site. Pro Filmmaker Apps is just doing us a solid by creating a database. 

Familiar programs like Filmic Pro, Lens Matcher, Focus Chart, and Artemis Pro are all featured as well as some lesser known ones like Storyboard Composer used by Wes Craven and Shot Assistant. So if you're a screenwriter, location scout, or even drone operator, you can browse hundreds of available software for Apple, Android, Windows, and native web devices to help on your next project.

The database is continuing to grow and we noticed some favorites are missing like LumaFusion and Broadfish. If you find any others that are missing, let them know

Our Five Favorite Free Apps

Do you have a favorite filmmaking app you use? Tell us in the comments below. 

Source: Pro Filmmaker Apps

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