The ATEM Mini, and recently introduced ATEM Mini Pro, multi-camera switchers lacked a really important feature for audiophiles. Adjustable audio delay. When video and audio sync is critical, and the two sources are not aligned, a production can go to shambles quickly. Even a few milliseconds off can distract a viewer.

With update 8.2.3, Blackmagic has added adjustable audio delay for each analog input on both ATEM Mini models. Prior to the update, users would either have to make adjustments at the mixer level, camera level, or purchase an audio delay box. This eliminates the need entirely and allows users to adjust settings locally on the ATEM Mini and ATEM Mini Pro switchers.

ATEM 8.2.3

  • Adds adjustable audio delay on the analog inputs on ATEM Mini models.
  • Allows the DVE to scale more than 100% in size on ATEM Mini and ATEM Mini Pro.
  • General performance and stability updates.

You can download the latest firmware on Blackmagic Design's support page.