Rod Blackhurst and Noah Lang are the dynamic duo behind the film Blood for Dust, starring Kit Harington, Scooty McNairy, and Josh Lucas. These filmmakers share why leading with honesty, openness, and enthusiasm is the key to building strong relationships and creating successful films. You don’t have to be cutthroat in this industry in order to achieve your filmmaking dreams.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with director Rod Blackhurst and producer Noah Lang to discuss:

  • How Rod and Noah began working together
  • Why you should lead with honesty and enthusiasm
  • Making movies with the same people over and over again
  • Understanding what you have agency over in your career
  • How Scoot McNairy and Kit Harington came onto the project
  • How meeting David Gordon Green in 2012 eventually led to the making of Blood for Dust
  • The power of self-awareness and being a kind filmmaker
  • The vibe on set - having fun amid stress
  • What it looks like to make an honest living in filmmaking

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