From her feature directorial debut, Tangled, to her most recently directed feature, Blood, Sweat and Cheer, Hays has found her stride as a director with her love letters to films like Heathers, Mean Girls, The Breakfast Club, and Clueless.

In this episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins and director Traci Hays, discuss:

  • Traci’s dream of becoming a pro soccer player before becoming a director

  • Being rejected from film school 

  • Meeting incredible collaborators and established mentors in the industry

  • All the lessons Traci learned as a production designer

  • Adapting a book to a film for the movie, Tangled

  • How a soccer team connection led to a directing opportunity

  • Being surprised by the very thoughtful and meaningful notes from the producers 

  • Filming Blood, Sweat and Cheer in only 13 days

  • Casting actors that were serious about the dance scenes

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This episode of The No Film School Podcast was produced by GG Hawkins.