When Bridgerton flashed across our screens back in 2020, sex was undeniably placed at the front and center of the series. Season 2 might not be much different according to lead star Jonathan Bailey. The Netflix series returns March 25 and focuses on Bailey’s character, Anthony Bridgerton, who finds himself in a love triangle with sisters Kate (Simone Ashley) and Edwina (Charithra Chandran).

But there is a fourth little something in the mix: a netball. 

Bailey joked to The Radio Times that season two offers “new tricks to the trade” when it came to working with Elizabeth Talbot, Bridgerton’s intimacy coordinator.

“It’s amazing what you can do with half-inflated netball,” Bailey said. 

The object is used to keep actors separated.

“If two people are doing a sex scene, the rule is they must have three barriers separating them and there are certain acts where a half-inflated netball can allow for movement without having to connect physically,” Bailey said. “It’s pretty silly really and we have some hilarious moments, but it makes it less awkward.” 

Sex scenes need to be handled with care from everyone on set. With a show that focuses on sex, the well-crafted dance created by the cast and intimacy coordinator needs to make everyone feel safe.

On this show, it's also important for “the female characters to experience pleasure,” according to Simone Ashley, who spoke with IndieWire back in February. 

The emphasis on intimacy coordinators to choreograph love scenes, especially for period pieces, has been on the rise since the intimacy coordinators have been introduced back in 2018. Outlander brought on an intimacy coordinator for the first time in six seasons and even Saturday Night Livespoofed Bridgerton’s intimacy coordinators on a mock set with untrained special effects artists turned intimacy coordinators. 

Despite its problems, Bridgerton has been praised for how masterfully it handles staging for the sex sequences. Casey Hudecki, an intimacy expert for Netflix's Sex/Life, told E! Online, “I think Lizzy Talbot did an amazing job on Bridgerton. But also I May Destroy You was fantastic, [and]Euphoria.There’s a lot of interesting work being done with trans and queer actors. Just the diversity of sex, those stories that we can tell are opening up because we are creating that safe space.”

Sex is a vulnerable act that needs someone there to help create a safe and comfortable space. No actor should ever feel that they are being taken advantage of or be put in a place where they can’t express their level of comfortability. Intimacy coordinators will always be necessary, and it's good to see that the cast of Bridgerton is enjoying the process. 

Bridgerton returns with its second season on March 25 on Netflix. 

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Source: The Radio Times