One of the cooler parts of 2020 was sitting down to watch HBO on a Sunday night and having no idea that I May Destroy You would become one of the noisiest hits of the year. It felt like a show ready to explode, the perfect mix of drama, comedy, and an incredible showcase of every one of Michaela Coel’s talents. 

After taking home an armful of BAFTAs, the show gained even more of a name for itself as Americans binged on HBO. 

Now, Coel has made the script for the eighth episode available to read. 

Read and download the I May Destroy You script here! 

Episode 8 of the show was titled “Line Spectrum Border.” I remember watching and being astounded at the monologue that opens the scene. Seeing it on the page shows how much work and dedication went into the writing before the performance. 

I love that this episode is available to read because it feels indicative of the series as a whole. It's the perfect look at how trauma is felt and empathized with, and the complicated dissection of how a character carries that trauma while trying to move on in other aspects of their life. 

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