The Canon Cinema EOS line has evolved extensively since the EOS C100. We've seen it expand from a Super 35 sensor capable of recording full HD to its full-frame C700FF series that can record 5.9K.

The EOS C500 Mark II was released last September and praised for its modular design and robust capabilities. Canon was able to take everything we like about the C700FF and shrink it in size while adding Canon Cinema Raw Light, its latest version of compressed RAW. 

The EOS C500 Mark II gets its first update in the form of minor enhancements and fixes via V1.01.1


  • Remote A terminal and Remote B terminal can be used simultaneously
  • Sensor mode information can be displayed
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which, under specific conditions, high-brightness areas may appear tinted
  • Fixes a phenomenon where the [C. Temp. Increment] setting cannot be changed
  • Fixes a phenomenon where the SSID (stealth) setting cannot be made in a Wi-Fi connection
  • Fixes the metadata to be recognized color profile correctly in some editing software

Before updating it's recommended to save any menu or custom picture settings to a separate SD card. To update, you'll need a SD / SDHC / SDXC memory card with 512MB or more of storage. After downloading the Windows or macOS version of the software be sure to follow all the instructions carefully. The update can be found here.  Have you been using the EOS C500 Mark II in the field? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.