When it comes to broadcast lenses, Canon is saying goodbye to developing any new HD focal lengths. Instead, the company will continue to focus on its 4K UHD broadcast line and beyond. 

It was back in 2015 when Canon made noise releasing the widest 2/3" 4K UHD broadcast zoom lens on the market, the CJ12ex4.3B, as part of its UHDxs series. The lens touts a 14x zoom ratio supporting a focal range of 4.3mm-60mm, which is pretty darn wide for a broadcast lens. Since then, Fujinon has released the UA14x4.5BE in 2017, a 4K UHD lens with a 14x zoom ratio of 4.5mm-63mm. 

Canon_cj17ex6Credit: Canon

Canon has now announced the CJ17ex6.2B, a broadcast lens in its UHDgc series formed in 2018, making it the seventh lens in the family. The lens features a 17x zoom ratio, a wide-angle focal length of 6.2mm, and a telephoto side of 106mm. The lens also has a built-in 2x extender that allows you to double the focal length to 212mm while still maintaining image quality. 

Similar to other UHDgc lenses, it supports a wide color gamut in BT.2020 and HDR (1,000-10,000 nit) workflows. The lens configuration combines UD (Ultra-low Dispersion) elements to reduce chromatic aberrations while increasing the image clarity with reduced color fringing. Lens coatings help reduce ghosting and flaring. 

The CJ17ex6.2B comes with a digital drive unit with 16-bit encoder support for easy communication with cameras and CG environments. Three 20-pin connectors enable the lens to output for virtual systems even when the full-servo unit is in use. 

Weighing approximately 4.78 lbs and measuring 9.46" in length, the lens can easily be moved from sticks to shoulder out in the field.

Canon expects the CJ17ex6.2B 4K UHD portable zoom broadcast lens to be available in June.