Catherine Scorsese, Marty's mom, has carved out her own place in cinema history, most notably as the caring mother in her son's 1990 feature, Goodfellas. Also the subject of Italianamerican, a documentary Scorsese made about his parents in 1974, Catherine Scorsese can be remembered for being stern, witty, and a food lover. 

That was good enough reason for her to have come on The Late Show with David Letterman back in 1991 as her son was promoting his latest feature, Cape Fear. 

In a special segment that's become rediscovered, the Scorseses chat with host Letterman about how to make a tasty pizza from scratch. After some quick banter and a few jokes about Robert De Niro, we cut to a commercial break and return to see the finished product, enjoyed by everyone on that night's episode, including one Bill Murray. 

The banter between Catherine Scorsese and Letterman is highly entertaining, and although it doesn't promote her son's latest movie so much, it serves as a memorable segment that's highly involving and a strong memory of one Scorsese's greatest supporting characters. 

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