Don’t be afraid to plant your flag early on. This advice comes from writer Chris Sparling, who is known for the 2010 film, Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds, and the 2020 film Greenland, starring Gerard Butler.

So what does Sparling's writing process look like and what advice does he have for screenwriters looking to get their specs out there? Let's get into it.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s Jason Hellerman speaks with writer and director Chris Sparling to discuss:

  • The first time Jason and Chris met, 10 years earlier
  • How Chris starts the writing process
  • Talking to reps to get an accurate idea of what scripts will be successful
  • Why Chris writes specs and encourages other writers to do the same
  • Breaking out of the box people put you in
  • Recognizing it’s not necessary to go after every single assignment
  • How to manage your expectations when going out with a new spec
  • Writer’s block - Is it real and how to overcome it
  • Why it’s important to rehearse your pitch

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