While we’ve given a lot of coverage this year to new cameras, video editing app updates, and the ever-changing world of AI in video, the working cinematographers are still out there grinding with whatever cameras and rigs are needed for the various shoots they’re tasked to take on.

If you’ve ever wanted to better master how to use lens flares in your shots though, one of our last stops at the NAB Show this year showcased a new app that aims to help DPs master their lens flares once and for all. Let’s look at CINEFLARES aims to offer a resource for creatives to make the most informed decisions in support of their artistic visions.

Check out our full interview with the team at NAB below.


In a conversation with our video hosts from Cinematography for Actors at the NAB Show this year, we got a first-hand demo of how the new CINEFLARES website aims to give users access to a comprehensive collection of all of the cinema lens choices available—including vintage, anamorphic, large format, and more.

If you’re in search of a clean, neutral lens for VFX plates, or one with a specific flare pattern reminiscent of a certain period, this program is here to instantly reveal these lens characteristics and to help you make informed decisions.

Check out our full demo of CINEFLARES and conversation with the team below.

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