When it comes to Made-for-TV holiday movies, some of us are bigger fans than others. I admit I'm not a huge fan of the subgenre—all of that whimsey and romance and snowflakes gently landing on the tips of perfect button noses isn't really my thing—but I do appreciate a good cinematic breakdown of genre tropes.

And since tomorrow is Christmas, why not hear a very succinct explanation of the Made-for-TV holiday movie story structure from pretty much the best person who could ever give one: a dad at Christmas time.

This video comes from Las Angeles-based comedian Kelly Vrooman, and yes, that distinguished plaid-clad gentleman dropping the mic on this Christmas subgenre is her actual dad. He admits to watching at least 30 of these types of films every holiday season, which of course makes him more of an aficionado and expert than anyone any of us probably know.

And his breakdown is right on the money: small towns, workaholics meeting cute locals who teach them the true meaning of Christmas, and of course, adorable and spontaneous snowball fights. It's all so deliciously, disgustingly sweet and intolerable, which makes this genre such a staple during the time of year most people let their inner Grinch come down the mountain to swap presents, love on each other, and get the warm fuzzies before they return to their cold, dank lairs to be alone with their cynicism until the thaw.

So, while the embers are still warm, why not get your fill of Hallmark and Lifetime? The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Black Mirror will still be there when you get back.

Source: Kelly Vrooman