When you're out in the world, it can be risky to take someone's movie advice. You never know what they like, what you like, if your tastes match—it can be a real conundrum. But what about when your favorite director tells you to watch a movie? 

That's what we have here, and the titles might surprise you. 

Check out this video from Disc 2 | Film Club, and let's talk about it. 

What were some of your takeaways? Did anyone's films surprise you?

I was interested in Spike Lee's words on The Night of the Hunter and David Lynch loving Sunset Boulevard. Both had great reasons why those movies resonate in their own work.

Edgar Wright loving Taxi Driver was funny to me, since his movies are so different from that film. 

This just goes to show you that your taste in movies doesn't always influence your art. You can appreciate anything that comes out and learn from any title in some way.

What movies would you recommend to everyone? Let us know in the comments.